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The Electric Tokamak group at UCLA built the World's largest tokamak (ET). ITER will be bigger. We are proposing not to let this happen.....


Mission Statement


We are making an attempt at getting tokamak fusion to work as soon as possible. The ITER time scale and technology is not optimal for the next steps in developing the technology for a fusion economy.

To switch the World economy to fusion based energy supply, we need  a few thousands of power plants about 3 times the size of a nuclear power plant or the Hoover Dam . What makes this job difficult is that a realistic magnet technology needs to evolve on this large scale. In addition the control technology needs to be developed. We have more industrial experience with the nuclear technologies needed for the blanket then experience with starting and controlling an economic fusion reactor, never mind building one.

Accordingly, it is planned here that we first build a Hydrogen-Helium "virtual reactor" that would react just right if we put Deuterium/Tritium fuel in it. This we will not do since the first series of these machines needs to be built on non-nuclear sites for for fast refinements. When all components have been validated nuclear ready versions need to be built on safe nuclear sites (more expensive).

We are still visualizing a development approach due to the fact that no large devices have been built. The issue is that fusion reactors, unlike fission reactors, cannot be built small and low magnetic field. This is comparable to implementing to the "man on the Moon" program, but cheeper. The equipment needed is of a certain minimal size. At the same time, the physics is so non-linear that working on the science of it, using the existing equipment, no longer makes sense. Like the song said, "we are looking for 'fusion' in all the wrong places". Think for a moment of cold fusion, look warm fusion, and hot fusion. We, of course, need hot fusion.




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