We are constructing this website as follows:

1)    Define the design of a realizable Fusion Reactor and build a non-nuclear version of it. We call it a Hydrogen Ignition Tokamak (HIT). This machine is a "DEMO" class. The DEMO means that it could be hooked up to the electric grid when transformed into a fusion device with nuclear fuel and blankets, etc.

2)    We are computing the performance of our design and testing integration, sometimes error will be detectable. The content is revised on the daily basis.

3)    When 90% of the material is posted, we will refine the exposition and re-edit the content to be contained in many different layers for easy comprehension.

4)    The goal for the website is to make this page more of a tool for implementation than for conveying information about fusion as such.

5)    For an anti thesis of this approach please look at any of the other "fusion energy" sites.

6)    We will add a glossary shortly.